"I would like to sincerely thank the team that assisted with our relocation. Being a medical practice, continuation of our work flow with the least possible interruption to service was high on our list of priorities.
The ab fab team were FAB with every detail, from beginning to end. The team arrived on time and worked like a well-oiled machine to make our move as stress-free as possible. They were just great and nothing seemed to be too much trouble.

Thanks a million to everyone !

Gayle D., October 2014
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Removal Boxes / Cartons

Buy or Hire Boxes, Sunshine Coast

ab fab offers you the flexibility to BUY your moving boxes outright or take them on temporary LOAN.  See below for details. 

We always have a good stock of new boxes however pre-used moving boxes are also an option when available.

We only use double thickness tea-chest moving boxes, which ensures the greatest protection for your belongings.

Click here for our box prices View Packing Materials

Cardboard Box | ab fab The Stress Free Movers Single Layer Cardboard | ab fab The Stress Free Movers Double Layered Cardboard | ab fab The Stress Free Movers

It's not a good idea to use supermarket-type boxes as they tend to crush easily and as they come in different sizes it can make packing the truck more difficult and time consuming.

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Buy Outright

We supply brand new and pre-used boxes for all your moving needs.  Even if you buy your moving boxes from ab fab, there is an option to sell them back to us when you have finished with them. No timescale, just bring them back when you are ready. We will pay you a percentage of the purchase price if they are still in a usable condition.  

Please contact our friendly sales team for a box quote in conjunction with a removal quote.

Loan Option

Some of our customers prefer to take boxes on a temporary loan.  You pay for the boxes in full upfront, and we will refund  up to 100% of the purchase price in certain circumstances (e.g. they need to be delivered back to our depot).  The overall refund will depend on the size of the removal job we are undertaking for you.  The bigger the job, the more you are likely to save.

Please contact our friendly sales team for a box quote in conjunction with a removal quote.

Cardboard Box | ab fab The Stress Free Movers Tea Chest Boxes

Tea Chest moving boxes are designed to carry the not so heavy but bulky stuff like pillows, pots and pans, clothes, linen, shoes , toys etc. These larger sized boxes should not be loaded with heavy items such as books, so as to ensure the box doesn't crush when stacked, and so that they are not over-weight for safe handling.

Cardboard Box | ab fab The Stress Free Movers Book & Wine Boxes

Book & Wine boxes are designed to carry heavy items such as your kitchen crockery, fragiles, CDs, glassware, pantry food items, books, small tools and even your wine bottles.

Port-a-Robe Boxes

These boxes are designed to carry your hanging clothes.  They are equipped with a rail that measures 60cm across.  Generally, these boxes are supplied free of charge if they are brought to the removal job on the truck and are handed back before the conclusion of the unload process.  Please confirm how many are required when you make your booking with ab fab.  

Alternatively, these boxes can also be purchased outright if required for an extended time. 

Other Box Types

We also supply specifically designed boxes for the transportation or storage of precious wines and spirits and for the safe movement of paintings, pictures, framed memorabilia and photographs.

Don't Forget....Packaging

  • ab fab sells all types of packaging materials such as tape, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, butchers paper (for wrapping delicate items), mattress covers, lounge covers, removal blankets etc.
Enquire Now If you are moving house or office, or even just need a hand packing - why stress? Contact ab fab to help with all your relocating needs. Enquire online or contact us today 07 5445 8797.


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